Jinya CMS

Jinya CMS

The simplest way to manage your portfolio

Picture: Generated with Stable Diffusion, by Imanuel Ulbricht

Why choose Jinya

The Jinya CMS is made by artists for artists. Every part of Jinya was designed with ease of use in mind. During development everything evolves around displaying digital art and putting your artworks in the center of attention for your fans. There are countless other CMS out there, but most of them concentrate on text based content. Jinya focuses on images and artworks.

Who's behind it

Imanuel Ulbricht

Developer and Co-Founder

Imanuel Ulbricht is a developer and designer based in Hildesheim, Germany. He develops websites, desktop applications and mobile applications. Together with Jenny he started the development of the Jinya CMS back in October 2017. He has developed several open source projects since then and is currently employed at GOD mbH in Brunswick, Germany.

Jenny Hefczyc

Artist and Co-Founder

Jenny Hefczyc, better known as Jenny-Jinya, is the artist the Jinya CMS was originally developed for. She had her first exhibition at the age of 16 and is currently active as self-employed and freelance artist. She is most famously known for her work on the Loving Reaper series. The Loving Reaper series features, as of now, two publications and more are planned.