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About Jinya

The Jinya Gallery CMS, short Jinya, is a content management system developed by Imanuel Ulbricht and Jenny Hefczyc, also known als Jenny Jinya. The idea behind Jinya is to create a place for artists where they want to manage their portfolio.


Jinya is developed by Jenny Hefcyzc and Imanuel Ulbricht. We are both artists and have both experience in design. We believe in the concept of dog fooding, both our portfolios are created with Jinya.


In 2017 we talked about a new portfolio website for Jenny, this is the point where Jinya was born. Together we worked hard on creating the best possible way to manage and show your portfolio.


For every software you use there is the question what it is based on. Jinya is based on modern web technologies and can be hosted on nearly every webhoster out there.

Sites made with Jinya

Jenny Jinya

Jenny Jinya is a freelance illustrator based in Germany, she studies Digital Media and had a number of exhibitions since she is 16, her new portfolio got an incredible amount of positive feedback.

Go to jenny-jinya.com

Jenny Jinya Comics

Jenny Jinya comics is the comic website of the artist Jenny-Jinya. She is the creator of the famous Loving Reaper comic series. She trusts Jinya to give people the perfect view on her comics.

Go to lovingreaper.com

Imanuel Ulbricht Design

Imanuel Ulbricht is a professional web developer, web designer and app designer. The portfolio was created with the default theme of Jinya and is the perfect showcase.

Go to imanuel.ulbricht.design


Creastina is the private crafting blog of Christina. Together with Christina we developed a blog platform that perfectly integrates into Jinya.

Go to creastina.art

Get Jinya

If you are an artist and you are tired of WordPress, Drupal or Contao, Jinya might just be the right tool for you. The main focus of Jinya is art not text. If we have your interest please contact us, we will help you get your portfolio up and running with a new system made for artists.


Jinya itself is open source, so anyone can create a theme for it. But getting a theme created by the Jinya Developers has the advantage, that you get a theme created by the creators of Jinya. Please reach out to us at developers@jinya.de.